Johannes Löffelmann breaks in cooperation with saturn & vizeum the VR-world-record

Johannes Löffelmann spent 28 hours and 43 minutes in the virtual gaming world - and set a new Guinness World Record. The event for the client "Saturn" was promoted by Vizeum Austria via programmatic online banners and city lights.

(Vienna, the 12th of april 2017)

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Team Dentsu at Lebenshilfe Wien

In our daily business the "integration of media" plays a very important role. But Dentsu lives this spirit of integration out of the office, too. Since 2011, we support the association Lebenshilfe Wien, which respresent the interests and equality of people with intellectual disabilities or rather learning difficulties.

Bernhard Schmid, general secretary of the "Lebenshilfe Wien":

"We are very happy to have Dentsu Austria as partner. Combined with a huge know-how and a lot of voluntary effort the media professionals of Dentsu enable campaigns for us in unimagined dimensions. But most of all: the engagement and cordiality with which the employees of Dentsu bypass the people with intellectual disabilities, let "Inklusion" comes true."

This longterm and intensive relationship was celebrated on thursday, the 16th of May, 2017. Team Dentsu Austria supported the participants of the "Lebenshilfe" sport day. #oneteam#onedentsu

(Vienna, the 16th of may 2017)

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